Dave, the author, and his cat Goofy

Hello and Welcome!

My name, as you may have guessed, is Dave Fulton.  I spent over two decades in various service industries (restaurants, retail, call centers, etc) until a few years ago when I decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming a professional programmer.  I attended a programming bootcamp, spent about 9 months working as an apprentice at a local start-up, and I’m now a developer with a local firm helping to build web applications and business automation tools.  And I love it!

This blog will focus on the languages, frameworks, and tools I use most frequently.  I’ll also spend time discussing how I made the transition into software development, as well as advice for those looking to do the same.  I encourage any questions or comments you may have; you can connect with me on Twitter, or join the discussion of a post over on Dev.to.

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